Conceptual music video, Burg Giebichenstein - University of Art and Design Halle, 2013


there are always all the other kids, playin’ outside in the snow.

A cinematic interpretation of the song “Schnee” (Snow) by german 80s-style post-punk band “LuLu” based in Halle. Taken from their 2013 publication “Holz ist Mord” (Wood is murder).

One of the most wind-skewed houses of Halle accommodates the most extraordinary residential community of the german city.
A team composed of artists, designers and musicians with different nationalities including Estonian, French, Italian, Spanish and German creates a colorful mixture based on that scenery. Most important for us was the comprehensive experience of each single participant during that day of shooting, as well as the accomplished challenges during a One-Shot and the teamwork during the concept development.

“Der Globus ist unser Pony. Der Kosmos unser richtiges Pferd.”
Media Art Exhibition
14. Nov - 15. Dez 2013
Burg Galerie im Volkspark, Halle, Germany

backup Festival
17th International short film festival
27. - 31. May 2015
awarded with the
Weimar, Germany

backup @ e.werk festival
6. - 7. June 2015
Weimar, Germany

backup Sommerfest
10. July 2015
Bauhaus University
Weimar, Germany

Werkleitz Gesellschaft
15. - 22. July 2015
Halle, Germany

backup @ GENIUS LOCI Festival
short night construction side
Festival for facade projections
07. - 09. Aug 2015
Weimar, Germany

Kulturarena Jena
Open-Air Movie Nights
18. Aug 2015
Jena, Germany

MDR UNICATO - Werkleitz Special
14. Okt. 2015
Junger Film im MDR (Central German Broadcasting)

02. - 24. June 2016
Turku, Finland

MELT! Festival
16. July 2016
Leipzig, Germany

25 Jahre Werkleitz / 101 Auszeichnungen
Anniversary Screening
09. June 2018
Halle, Germany


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supervised by Prof. Michaela Schweiger and Ray Peter Maletzki in the class of time-based arts, with Konstantin Maximilian Pape, Burg Giebichenstein - University of Art and Design Halle, 2013