Furniture, Burg Giebichenstein - University of Art and Design Halle, 2011

Red Heaviness

cupboard for washroom

I create a modified and functional version of an existing sink cupboard, which takes up too much room and prevents an easy removal of the bath products. It is important to me, to design and manufacture a functional, space-saving and unadorned alternative.

I have to find a solution for the following issues: The box shape and the folding doors narrow the entrance with its 0,5 meters width even more. The installation box, the big siphon and the path of the pipes waste storage space. The doors and the furniture’s depth complicate reaching the contents. My solution is heavy duty extensions for the drawers. A slanting front and an attachment to the wall widen the entrance and reduce the massive impression. LED-bars reinforce the effect and allow the contents of the drawer to be easier located. They can be turned on by motion detection. Furthermore the light suggests a higher presence of edges and lines.

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