directed by Stefan Bürkner            DOP Marvin Schatz
short film           2017

Will Artificial Intelligence give us freedom or take it away?

PROXIMA-B is a 20-minute long Sci-Fi adventure undergone by astronaut Miss Sternberg and the android Phintia SX-3 aboard a spaceship in another solar system.

The inner and outer set are realized in two seperate studios.
To create the most realistic setting all inner rooms are connected and built 360°.
© Philipp Pit Klemm

The spaceship’s concept uses the yet in its size theoretical construction of giant solar sails. Laser beams from installations on the moon push the FRONTIER ONE up to half the speed of light. Lightweight and efficiency are essential herefor.
The studio set communicates the requirements through materiality and construction. Textile and lightweight module plates function as outer shell. An organic and honeycombed structure bindes the outer to the inner shell.
Passengers of the FRONTIER ONE travel not only light but also energy efficient. Energy and light only immerge where they’re needed.

The interior creates a claustrophobic atmosphere that contrasts the endless space surrounding the travelers.