Interior architecture, Burg Giebichenstein - University of Art and Design Halle, 2015

Ort der Stille

make your mark

Highway chapels can be found almost only on German highways. They function as individual and anonymous sites for reflection. To calm down and leave the rush of the traffic behind it requires a place of silence.

Through situating this site in a hollow in a cliff, I combined silence with total isolation from all human influence. Throughout history civilizations have used such caves for similar spiritual functions. A wedge slides into this void. Because of strict geometry it is a contrast to the rocks and can be understood as gesture of elution and workmanship.
It is my goal to transfer the geometric figure of the building to the single bricks it consists of.
Adobe was and still is often used for sacral constructions. It acts especially as a base pattern for writings, signs and ornamentation.I chose that material because it’s properties and associations wreinforce the thematic background of my project:
The visitor is involved in a process of permanent change within this space.
The guest can leave his wishes, thoughts and messages by carving them into the adobe, using the provided stone wedges.

supervised by Prof. J. Stief and Ass. Danja Bernot
Interior Architecture, Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle, 2015