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“LuLu is synthiecowboytrashpunk-glamrock. A high explosive mixture of all that all of us ever wanted to do with instruments in our living room combined with gaudy and catchy song ideas.

To cut a long story short:
Dear Sir and Madam, welcome to the universe of haphazard, but designed !BOOM! behind your ears, rump on keys and string in the crotch, though no stick up the ass, but rather snotty sound and glossy whicker.

...for more information, we present the band-history:
“With 4 Simsons (legendary east german moped factory) towards India - starting with the sun on one‘s tail and without any knowledge about motorcycle technology.
That‘s how it started. 8000 kilometers later - didn‘t reach the goal, but still understood a lot. Barely knew each other before. Suddenly there was that idea through a singing shower-accident: “Well, why not us?”
It was on! After removing all the superfluous junk out of the living room and replacing it with instruments it got noisy and wild. Until a petition by our through and through unmusical neighbors stopped the hustle and bustle. It was unclear which instrument exactly was the final straw and wasn‘t further explained through the letter. Was it Joseph playing the guitar? Pit with his synthesizer? Johannes on the drums or Elisabeth‘s vocals?
In fact, due to that much interest by our fellow men, it would have been a crime to stop at that point. Since then there‘s a practice room, where we‘re planning to get our revenge on our neighbors. There are no idols. We‘re playing what the emotional world is throwing on our breakfast table: a driving beat allied with stumbled punk, taken over by a break which whirls the rusty movements again and again and let them swell up to an enormous bang ... .”

DOCK31 article Feb. 2013


recordings by Konradt Wüstemann

Music videos:

played venues and shows:

Kodu Baar (Tallinn, Estonia)
Riffer (Tbilisi, Georgia)
Tent (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

LaBim (Halle/S.,LIVE radio broadcast)
 Similde (Leipzig)
Wunderbar (Weimar)
H2OTurmfestival (Eisenberg)
Hohenwindenstraße 17 (Erfurt)

Reil 78 (Halle/S.)
Goldene Rose (Halle/S.)
Hühnermanhattan (Halle/S.)
KTS (Freiburg)
Spelunke (Leipzig)
Buntes Haus (Forst)
B-Hof (Chemnitz)

bands we‘ve shared the stage with:

Aika Akakomowitsch
Dark Hansen
DeZafra Ridge
El Grande Nada
Fuzz Orchestra
The Gee Strings
The Insidious Key The Irradiates
Lena Störfaktor
Les Rhinocéros
One Man 100% Bluez
René Binamé
Romeo was a Jerk
She Said Destroy! Sonny Vincent
Utility Belts
Trophy Wife
Viva La Vulga de Raoul Vaneigem
Whack & Wasted
Zentralheizung Of Death Des Todes